Rosa Luxemburg by Rekin Teksoy

“I was, I am, I shall be.” Rosa Luxemburg

A readers theater performance

“Rosa Luxemburg”, written by the award-winning Turkish writer and translator Rekin Teksoy, is being staged as a reading theater in Berlin. Theater Hayal Perdesi, which received project support from Dezentrale Kulturarbeit Schöneberg Municipality, translated the play Rosa Luxemburg from Turkish into German and presented it to the audience as a reading theater in both Turkish and German for the first time in Germany.

Rosa Luxemburg and “Letters from Friedenau.”

The actors will read the play in Turkish at 15:00 and in German at 19:00 in the hall of Treff 62 in Schöneberg on 11.June.2023. In addition to Rosa Luxemburg, historical and immortal characters such as Leo Jogiches, Karl Liebknecht, Rosi Wolfstein, Karl Kautsky and Luise Kautsky will be portrayed.

In parallel, there will be an exhibition of Rosa Luxemburg’s letters from her time in Schöneberg, Friedenau.

“Rosa Luxemburg had an extraordinary life story, with both her political determination, common sense, and personal drama, in the beginning years of our century, one of the most turbulent periods in recent history.” Rekin Teksoy


  • Author: Rekin Teksoy
  • Translated by: Sema Engin Edinsel 
  • Concept and Regie: Selin İşcan
  • Cast: Hayal Kaya, Yekta Arman, Cem Sultan, Dilan GeZaza, Fatoş Yüksel, Deniz Alan 
  • Voices: Selin İşcan, Selim Can Yalçın,  Özgür Efe Özyeşilpınar 
  • Musik: Barış Manisa 
  • Choir, Students, Police, Students, Journalists: Elif Açıkgöz, Sena Aytan, Elif Kaya, Zeynep Şahin, Seda İnce 
  • Photos: Şükrü Tokay, Selin İşcan 
  • Poster design: Mehmet Üngör 

Treff62 e.V. Katzlerstraße 6, 10829 Berlin

11.06.2023, at 3:00 PM in Turkish (80’), at 7:00 PM in German (80’)

Supported by Tempelhof – Schöneberg Municipality Dezentrale Kulturarbeit