Theatre Hayal Perdesi

“Theatre Hayal Perdesi was founded by Aleksandar Popovski and Selin Iscan in İstanbul, 2014.

The theatre has its own stage 'Hayal Perdesi Beyoglu', which is based inTaksim, in the heart of Istanbul,Turkey. Theater Hayal Perdesi was founded to preform their projects freely without any authority and censor.

The theatre met with its spectators with their first project 'The Empire Builders' at the 19th Istanbul Theater Festival and performed its first premiere with Aleksandar Popovski as the director.

 He won The best director award for The Empire Builders in Afife Theater Awards in Turkey, 2015. Selin Iscan won The Best Actress with The Empire Builders in New Theater Journal Awards, 2015. The theater also performed with The Empire Builders in Skopje Festival, 2014.

 The company plans to realize its next projects by forming intercultural and international connections. Accordingly, they are excited to perform for first time in Edinburg Fringe Festival on August, 2015 and in13t Cyprus Theatre Festival on September, 2015. They are also planning performances in Moscow, Berlin, London and Frankfurt in the future.


Festival OFF d'avignon 2016

2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

  • Les Bâtisseurs d’Empire

  • Les Trois Sœurs

The Empire Builders




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Contact Informations


Adress: Meşelik Sok. No:10 Taksim / İstanbul

Tel: 0212 245 10 48

Fax: 0212 245 63 13

The Empire Builders

Theatre Hayal Perdesi (Turkey) present


Boris Vian's



Translated into Turkish by

Ayberk Erkay


Directed by

Aleksandar Popovski



Father: Reha Ozcan

Mother: Ayse Lebriz Berkem

Schmürz: Selin Iscan

Zenobia: Tuba Karabey

Mug: Selin Tekman

Neighbor: Nihat Alpteki


Stage Design

Sven Jonke

Costume Design

Taciser Sevinc

Costume Assistant

Marta Montevecchi

Lighting Design

Aleksandar Popovski

Music & Effect Design

Baris Manisali


Handan Ergiydiren

Assistant Director

Humay Guldag

Lighting & Eect Realisation

Mustafa Dinc


Muslum Kose, Melek Ata


Lasts 65'; no intermission.

Turkish, with English surtitles.


The Dupont family is prompted by an indefinable terror (the noise) to flee upward from apartment to apartment, into ever more constricting circumstances. They are constantly on the run and their world is forever narrowing. A mysterious woman (the Schmürz) appears everywhere they go and whom they continually maltreat, yet whose existence they

refuse to recognise. But the Schmürz always awaits them and the Schmürz never dies. New production of Boris Vian's superlative 1959 dark comedy, from award-winning director Aleksandar Popovski and designed by Selin Iscan. Performed in Turkish with English surtitles. Absurdist theatre to delight.

“To close your eyes in front of something that is obvious… That never brought anyone any good...”


I don’t know what the world was like when Boris Vian wrote this play. I don’t know how that world perceived the story about a family running away from something unfamiliar, a sound, something they don’t understand at that time. To me it seems as though the story was written in the present. The first time I read it I thought that no had has ever managed to define the feeling of our everyday lives filled with fear and paranoia and everything that surrounds us better. Schmürz has no sign that can define it nationally, geographically or religiously. He is a part of the oppressed.


Aleksandar Popovski

(Co-founder of Theatre Hayal Perdesi and Director)


  • Reha Ozcan (Father)

    Reha Ozcan



    Reha Ozcan, award winning famous Turkish actor, has been a member of Istanbul National Theatre, since 2011. He also took roles in TV series and movies. He won the best actor for “The Rhino” in Lions Theater Awards, 2008; for “Bahti Kara” directed by Theron Patterson in International Ipekyolu Movie Festival, 2009; for “Woman Without a Body” in Sadri Alisik and Afife Theatre Awards, 2011; for “Rain Man”, 2014. His role is Leon, in The Empire Builders, in Theatre Hayal Perdesi. He also teaches at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory in Istanbul where he was graduated.

  • Ayse Lebriz Berkem (Mother)

    Ayse Lebriz Berkem



    Ayse Lebriz Berkem, famous Turkish actress, has been member of Istanbul National Theatre, since 1985. Favourite roles include, “Olga in Three Sisters” by Anton Cehov, “Death and the Madien” by Ariel Dorfman, “Happy Days” by Beckett, “Don Quiochte”, Anna in The Empire Builders in Theater Hayal Perdesi. She is the founder and artistic director of  Biteatrel Theatre, since 2010. In Biteatral theatre, her following projects were “Medea” written by Euripides, “The Human Voice” by Jean Cocteau. She won the Direklerarasi Audience Awards with “Medea”, 2011. She also teaches at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory and Kadir Has University.

  • Selin Iscan (Shmürz)

    Selin Iscan

    (Co-founder of Theatre Hayal Perdesi, Artistic Director and Actress)


    Selin Iscan, famous Turkish actress, has been member of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Theatres, since 2002. She took part in other theatres and TV series. Famous roles include, Anna in “Old Times” by H. Pinter, Madame de Tourvel “Dangerous Liaisons” by Choderlos De Laclos, Miranda “The Collector” by John Fowles, Nina “Seagle” by Chekhov, Titania and Hippolyta in “A Midsummer Night's Dream” by Sheakspeare. She took part in Opole Theatre in Istanbul International Theatre Festival. She won the best actress for “Dangerous Liaisons” in 2004, for Medea in 2011, in Bediha Muvahhit Awards, for The Empire Builders in 2015 in New Theater Journal Awards. She is the co-founder and artistic director of Theatre Hayal Perdesi, since 2012, acting as Schmürz in The Empire Builders.

  • Tuba Karabey (Zenobia)

    Tuba Karabey



    Tuba earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting from the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory in 2008. After graduation she joined the Istanbul National Theatre subsequently pursuing higher degree in acting as well as being member of faculty in the same university. Her performances in “Ay Ecesi” in 2012 with Istanbul National Theatre had won both critical and popular acclaim. Beside her performances with state theatre she has also been working in various plays and TV series. Her role is Zenobie in “Empire Builders” with Hayal Perdesi gained astonishing acclaim both critical and popular alike.

  • Selin Tekman (Mug)

    Selin Tekman



    Selin Tekman graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory and has been member of Istanbul National Theatre, since 2010. Famous roles include, Ismene in “Antigone” by Sophokles, Maria in “Tango” by S. Mrozek, Sanem Sultan in “Pir Sultan Abdal” at Istanbul National Theatre. Her latest role is Cruche in Empire Builders in Theatre Hayal Perdesi. She translated one of the classic plays called “Mikado's Trash” into French and  “The Intimate Jornals” from Baudelaire into Turkish. She also does voiceover in TV commercials.

  • Nihat Alpteki (Neighbor)

    Nihat Alpteki



    Nihat Alpteki graduated from Yeditepe University Fine Arts Faculty and has been member of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Theater, since 2008. He took part in “Bakhalar” directed by Mihaimanyutiu in Romania Sibui Festival, 2010. He played in the movie called “I am not him”, won the best picture award in Istanbul Film Festival. He carried out his master degree at Kadir Has University in Fine Arts. He writes theatre critics. His latest role is neighbor in The Empire Builders in Theatre Hayal Perdesi. He also does teaching in Sadri Alisik Acting Academy.

  • Aleksandar Popovski (Director, Lighting Design)

    Aleksandar Popovski

    (Co-founder of Theatre Hayal Perdesi and Director)


    Aleksandar Popovski, famous award-winning Macedonian director, graduated from the University of “SS. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje, with a BA in Film and Drama. Many his plays have been staged in National Theatres in Macedonia as well as International Theatres in several countries including Denmark, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Greece. He was awarded and won; Copenhagen, Lion, Leipzig, Oldenburg, Erlangen grand prix for the best performance. The best director award for The Empire Builders in Turkey, 2015. Popovski fluently speaks, reads and writes Macedonian, English, Serbian and Croatian Language as well as uses French, Bulgarian and Russian.

  • Humay Guldag (Asistant Director)

    Hümay Güldağ

    (Asistant director)


    Hümay Güldağ have been graduated from Mimar Sinan

    University of Fine Arts, Department of Theatre and started

    working at Istanbul Municipality City Theatres. She was the

    main character in many plays such as: The Cherry Orchard,

    A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Machbeth, M. Butterfly, “Lüküs

    Hayat”, A Street Car Named Desire.

    She has staged Aleksei Arbuvoz’s play “The Promise” in 2010 by

    Istanbul Municipality City Theatres.

    At 2013 she was the assistant director of Roberto Cuili for the

    play Little Prince, which was a collaborative work of Theather

    an der Ruhr and Bitiyatro.

    In 2014, at the 19th International Theatre Festival hold by Istanbul

    Foundation of Culture and Arts, she was the assistant director

    of the play THE EMPIRE BUILDERS or SCHMURZ. Other than her

    theatre Works, she Works for cinema and television serials as

    well as dubbing.

  • Sven Jonke (Stage Design)

    Sven Jonke

    (Stage Designer)


    Sven Jonke studied industrial design at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna and at the Faculty of Architecture, School of Design in Zagreb. Together with Cristoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic, he is the founding member of Numen / For Use, a Croatian-Austrian design collective working in the fields of scenography, industrial and spatial design and conceptual art. Since 2008 the collective turns its focus towards configuring objects and concepts without a predefined function, an activity resulting in the more hybrid and experimental works such as the Numen-Light series and Tape Installation.

  • Taciser Sevinc (Costume Design)

    Taciser Sevinc

    (Costume Designer)


    Taciser Sevinc studied drawing, graphic design, illustration and photography in Istanbul Fine Arts High School, Painting Department. She graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Scenography Department in Istanbul in 2004. She’s working as set and costume designer in Istanbul Municipal Theatres since 2002. Also working as art director, production designer, interior designer and 3D modeller for various companies. Also works as freelance photographer since 1997.

    Some of plays as scenographer:

    Travel - Cem Baza - 2015

    Contractors - Cag Calıskur - 2015

    Empire Builders - Aleksandar Popovski - 2014

  • Baris Manisali (Music and Effect Design)

    Baris Manisa



    He was born in 1977. He got his graduate degree in composition and music theory from Istanbul Technical University, where he has studied with Michael Ellison, Peter Snapper and Ruben Delatour. He worked as an instructer in I.T.U. and Bilgi Univercity. He has composed music for several theatre performances and TV productions  and working as a guitarist in several recordings. He created Dogz production in 2014 which specializes in music production. Some of his works are; SURNAME, Birthdy Party, Isimsiz (Istanbul City Theatre), Lost In Yorkers (Tiyatro Kare), The Empire Builders (Hayal Perdesi), Puppet Theatre (National TV), Stories from the Earth (TRT), Apiterapi (TRT)